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  • Visakhapatnam often referred as Vizag has a long history dating as back as 260 BC. It use to be a small fishing village at that time under the rule of Kalinga Kingdom by emperor Ashoka. Later this village was passed to kings of Vengi and then to the Pallavas. Later during 1689 to 1724, Vizag was ruled by Qutb Shahis of Mugal Empire and then by Nizam during 1724 onwards until 1757.

    During 1757 to 1765, France took over under its control, before being captured by British in 1765.

  • Name of Visakhapatnam

    The village got its name after Sri Vishaka Varma, who was one of the 8 gopis of Lord Krishna. She was the second most important gopi as was the messenger between Lord Krishna and Radha. She was an expert messenger. Some local residents believe that an Andhra King built a temple to pay homage to his family deity Visakha, which is now inundated under the ocean near Rama Krishna Beach.

    Buddhist Influence

    Visakhapatnam history also tells about its strong ties to Buddhism. The Relics found in the Visakhapatnam district also proves the existence of Buddhism in the region. In one of bloodiest battle of its times, Kalingas lost its battle to King Ashoka.  This war prompted King Ashoka to embrace Buddhism.  Visakhapatnam is surrounded by ancient Buddhist sites, most of which have been discovered recently.

    In the later times, the Visakhapatnam territory came under the rule of  Andhra Rulers of Vengi, and Chalukyas and Pallavas. The region was ruled by SuryaVamsa Kshatriyas and Gajapathi Kings of Odisha from 10th to 16th Centuries AD.  The Mughals ruled the area during the last 15th to early 16th century.

    During 18th century, the coastal Andhra and southern coastal Odisha also referred as Northern Circars went into the control of French and later to came under British rule.

    After India got independence, it was the largest district in the country. But later, it was divided into three districts of Srikakulam, Vizianagaram and Visakhapatnam.

  • Access

    Visakhapatnam is well connected by different modes of transportation. Vizag has Airport, a railways station, a strong road connection via National Highway 5 which is part of Golden Quadrilateral project and also cruises to limited destinations.

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