• Appikonda is a small fishing village on the coast of Bay of Bengal about 18 kms away from Vizag. The village is near the ocean front and has a nice beach.

    A saint by name Kapila Maha Muni instituted the idol of Sri Somalingeswara Swamy and was then called Kapilakonda. The local villagers used to call it as Apilakonda which eventually became Appikonda. Appikonda temple is a highly reserved shrine in Vizag district.

    There are inscriptions in this temple dating back to 12 th Century AD, which states that the village was granted by the Commander in chief of the Chodas. The temple site is approximately spreads over one acre of land.

  • The monolithi Nandi(bull) carved out of black stone is a major attraction for the tourists of AppiKonda. It is a life size Statue. During the festival of Mahashivaratri, the Devotees come here to celebrate with devotion.

    The beach is unspoiled and is another major attractions. The tourist can also enjoy the boat rides offered by local people.

    The village also has other small temples around the main temple. But these are covered by sand dunes.

  • Appikonda village is located on the coast of Bay of Bengal at about 30 kms from Vizag City. It is located close to Vizag Steel plant.

    It is recommended to use a hired vehicle to visit Appikonda temple and beach. The access is via National highway 5 from Vizag City. There are sign boards along the approach road to temple as well as the beach.

Places around Appikonda

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