Araku Valley

  • Araku Valley is a jewel in the laps of eastern ghats that has rich cultural and traditional past. It is one of the most scenic beauties that Vizag has to offer to the nature lovers. Surrounded by the mountains of Raktakonda, Chitamogondi, Galikonda and Sunkarimetta , the vistas of Akaku valley are certain to please anyone who aspired for relaxing break from busy lives.
    The rich coffee plantations in the valley adds its ounce of beauty to the already wonderful paradise of nature. The ascent of coffee can be felt in the air of Araku valley through of the region. Most of the tribal people in Araku valley rehabilitate on coffee plantations.
    Gakikonda hill has been identified as the tallest hill in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

  • Araku Valley is often showcased in the regional movies. There are places very close to heart of regional movie makers. Though, when one enters into the valley, the relaxation offered by this location is wonderful, there are a few spots that are not to miss on a visit.Water Falls
    Araku Valley has many waterfalls in its proximity.
    Katiki WaterFalls
    Thaiguda Water falls
    Chapari Water Falls
    Coffee Plantations
    Galikondalu View Point
    Padmapuram Gardens

    Located at 120 Kms from Vizag, and about 26 kms from Borra caves, this magnificient nature paradise is a boon to escape into from the busy streets of Visakhapatnam. Araku valley offers something for every one and is a must for any one visiting Vizag city.

Places around Araku

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