Bojjanna Konda

  • Bojjanna Konda is a Buddhist site which exist at adjacent hillocks near Sankaram village. The Village got its name from the word Sangharam which means monastery.
    It is believed that a few centuries back, this place was the center for Buddhist teachings and culture.

    Another Buddhist site by name Lingalakonda which a hill on the west side of Sankaram village is also in proximity.

  • Both these hills contain numerous monolithic stupas, rock cut caves, chaityas and monasteries. The eastern hill of BojjannaKonda covered with large group of monolithic stupas surrounding the rock-cut platforms of Maha stupa. The dome of the stupa is found constructed of brick.

    The Western hill known as Lingalakonda is covered with a large number of rock-cut small stupas form the shape of a ridge. Numerous antiquities were recovered during the excavations conducted on both hills. During the excavations from this area, as per the archaeological sources, pottery, seals, terracotta inscribed tablets, terracotta beads and terracotta figures, one gold coin, some copper coins and only one lead coin were recovered.

    The beginning of the site at Bojjanna Konda is believed to dated 2th century B.C which continued as principal Buddhist site until 9th-10th century AD. That is believed to be the time when at Sanakaram, all the 3 phases of Buddhism that flourished. The phases where Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana.

  • The Sankaram village is about 50 kms from Visakhapatnam and is connected via road. It is about 3 kms away from Anakapalle railway station.

Places around BojjannaKonda

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