Borra Caves

  • Located in Ananthagiri hills of Araku Valley in Vizag District, Borra Caves are limestone caves that are formed naturally as a result of Gosthani River about one million years ago. These caves got their name through the local language Telugu in which Borra means something that is bored. Other believe, it was due to the looks like the human brain for its equivalent in local language.

  • The caves are one of the largest in the country. At the entrance, the caves measures about 100 meters horizontally and 75 meters vertically. The caves are spread over an area of one square km.

    Inside the caves, there are several interesting structures resembling  a temple, a mosque and a church that are identified and adds to the interest and beauty. The inside of the caves is lite up with lamps to make it a brilliantly illuminated and it is a treat for the eyes.

    It is a must go place for visitors of Visakhapatnam.

  • The Caves are well connected by road as well as railway line. With Araku valley just 29 km away from Borra caves, this a wonderful way to spend a day for the tourist in Vizag. The train journey covers the distance of 100 kms from Vizag to Borra Guhalu Railway station in 5 hours. It is the most recommended way to reach Borra Cave. The journey is acclaimed as a very sceneric one  passing through 30 tunnels in the eastern ghats.

    The Road journey is about 90 kms from Vizag and takes about 2 hours.

Places around Borra caves

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