Dolphin Nose

  • Dolphin Nose is a huge rock on the south-east corner of Visakhapatnam at 174 meters in height and 365 meters above the sea level. It got its name due to its resemblance with Dolphin’s nose when seen from beaches of Vizag.

    The mammoth hill stands as first line of defence from natural calamities for Visakhapatnam City and its harbour.

  • Dolphin Nose has a very powerful lighthouse, whose beam is said to be seen from as far as 65 kms inside the ocean. After the earlier lighthouse was damaged due to cyclone, this new light house was installed. A cyclone prediction centre was also set-up on Dolphin Nose along with the new light house to forecast the cyclones for Cyclone prone district of Vizag.

    The Dolphin Nose terrain has three hills around it. The first is called Rose Hill and has a Church on its top. The visitors of Mother Mary church on this hill are welcomed with catholic icons along the pathway to the top of Rose Hill.

    The second hill is called Darga Konda, which has a Tomb of Muslim saint Ishaque Madina on it. This tomb attracts the Hindus and Muslims alike.

    The third hill is called Sri Venkateswara Konda, which has a temple of Lord Sri Venkateswara. The legend has it that this temple was built by a British Captain, Black Moor, during 19 th century.

    Dolphin Nose is a popular Picnic spot among residents of Vizag. It offers wonderful views of ocean and the beaches along the coastal line of Visakhapatnam. The highest point in this spot is called Rose Peak

  • Dolphin Nose is located at 16 kms from Vizag Railway Station. It can be viewed from most places in Vizag City.

    There are three different routes to Dolphin Nose. One of the ways is to cross the bay and climb the hill to reach the top of Dolphin Nose. The other way is to do trekking to the top of the hill from other side. The third route needs to pass through the Naval base and would need prior permission.

Places around Dolphin Nose

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