Mudasarlova Park Reservoir

  • Mudasarlova Park was developed next to Mudasarlova reservoir which is the main source of drinking water for city of Vizag. It is the oldest parks of the city and was built during British rule.
    The park is a beautiful site near the lake amidst hills and palm trees. The park has been recently restored and beautification and maintenance work are in progress to restore is fame as one of desired picnic destinations.

    Localities travel to this park for morning walk to work out in clean and green environment.

    The reservoir gets its feed from springs waters originating from Kambalakonda and Kailasa hill ranges.

  • Mudasarlova is a picnic spot for local people of Vizag especially during the month of November. The calm park not too far from bustling city in picturesque environment is paradise to run to for a break.

    The Park is full of beautiful flowers, tree, fountains, Birds in Cages.

  • Mudasarlova Park is located at about 12 kms from Vizag Railway station.

    The state government runs buses from the city to Mudasarlova Reservoir.

Places around Mudasarlova Reservior

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