Simhachalam Temple

  • Simhachalam also known as Simhadri is a Hindu temple located in Vizag was built in 11 th century. Simha means lion and Achala means hill. The Simhachalam Temple is dedicated to Narasimha swamy, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Since the temple is located on top of a hill, it is called Simhachalam.

  • The temple is one of the eighteen Shrines of Lord Narasimha in India. The deity is usually covered in sandalwood paste year round and can be seen with out sandalwood only for 12 hours on Akshaya Tritiya day. The festival of Chandana Yatra or Chandanotsavam falls every year in Vaisakha(May).

    The deity is in the tribhangi posture with two hands and the head of a lion on a human torso. An inscription dated 1098 AD of the Chola King provides a clue as to its antiquity.

    The Simhachalam temple faces west. According to religious belief, an east facing entrance brings prosperity while a west facing brings victory. The temple is situated among hills covered with cashew trees, shrubs and mango groves.

    Millions of devotees from around the world visit this temple every year especially during the Chandanotsavam festival season.

  • For those trekking lovers, there is a trekking route available from Madhavadhara side. It is about two hours long climb to the temple premises with steep natural stone steps and offers beautiful panoramic views of vizag city.

    Giri Pradakshina - A 32 kms long walk around Simhachalam is done by the devotes on Giri Purnima day (full moon day of Ashada Masam). This full night walk is considered very scared.

  • Simhachalam temple is located near Vizag city.

    The temple is well connected to Vizag city by road. The local government operates buses to the hill top.

Places around Simhachalam

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