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    The Art

    In the majestic eastern ghats of India, like a sculptor, the river Gosthani worked tirelessly for many years and carved out an unique piece of art , which is rare to find else where. Formed about millions of years ago, the beautiful and intriguing Borra caves is a desire to the eyes of anyone who can appreciate the meticulous work of nature.

    Borra Caves
    Situated at about 90 km from Visakhapatnam, city of destiny, it must be on the plan of any one who visits Vizag even on a busy trip. Any one who went back without viewing this feast to the eyes was only left with the feeling of missing tinge. With an opening like that of crocodile mouth, the entrance of the caves standing at 100 meters will amaze any one who came in while passing by. The 2 square kilometers area of caves is going to keep you spell bound for the time spent inside.

    Creative Inside
    Formed through the water rub on mineral deposits and lime stone, the inside views of the caves are only going to further kick in your imagination, like decipher trying to decode the visuals aligning to the interpretation of your mind and brain. Certainly, a creative way to exercise your grey cells. It will only compliment, if you had a tour guide who keeps asking you what you see, while he points you to formations in the caves. Isn’t it wonderful when two people see the same thing and interpret it totally different. A finding different from other will leave you with a feeling, that some of us celebrate in our heart.

    Borra CavesVisitors have given different names to the formations in the caves, such as Indian deity Shiva Parvathi, some spotted a Mother and Child on the walls of the caves. There are some who saw Human Brain like formation, while there are others who saw a temple and a church to name a few. There must be a lot more for you to explore.

    A  Siva-lingam in the cave is a symbolic of Hindu deity Lord Shiva. The tale of its finding in the cave is interesting. A cow-herd from the local tribal in this area lost his cow while it was gazing. On his search, he found his cow in the caves 60 feet below gazing grass. When he went down, He found the Siva-lingam in the cave and believe that the deity saved his cow. This is when the caves were discovered for the first time as locals believe. Officially, these caves were discovered by British geologist William King George in the year 1807.

    In the year 1992, the local government took initiative to illuminate the interiors using mercury, halogen and sodium vapor lamps to further enhance the visibility of formations in the caves. The viewership of this wonderful spot has increased many folds since the completion of this initiative. It looks beautiful inside with the support of these lights.

    Happy Train ride
    If you want to add more spice to your trip to these wonder caves, take a train ride from Vizag to Borra caves station by Kottavalasa Kirandul line. The train leaves at 6.50 am in the morning from Vizag and you will reach Borra at 9.40 am. You will enjoy this ride. The train passes through 84 bridges and 58 tunnels.

    Araku ValleyNo where in the world you will experience a train ride like this, where people come together and get involved into the ride as much. The train passes through 58 tunnels. Every time you pass by one, the whole train will be filled with sounds of whistles and joy. It is like a journey with old school friends on a reunion.
    At 3800 feet above the sea level, the train ride will pass through valley filled with green vistas that will only rejuvenate your mind and make you realize the inner desire and need to take a break from routine occasionally.

    Places to further spice your visit
    After you had a heart filled views of Borra caves, do look for bamboo stick chicken made by locals. It is a delicacy of this area. For those animal lovers, you can have an encounter with monkeys. But, here you are on your own and there is no layers of protection, so you better know where to draw the line when interacting with monkeys.

    If you plan for more than a day, then have these in you itinerary.

    1. Araku Valley
    2. Katiki Waterfalls
    3. Ananthagiri Hill Station
    4. Dumbriguda Waterfalls
    5. Chapari Waterfalls
    6. Sangda Waterfalls


    Best Time

    Vizag has a tropical savanna climate and gets warm during the mid of the year. May is generally the hottest month. Starting from end of September until end of March are generally considered as good times to visit vizag.

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