Yarada Beach

  • Yarada beach is a nice beach for a day out. The location offers blissful scenic sights as the beach is surrounded by attractive hills on three sides. The vistas of this location are popular around south Indian movie industry. The beach by itself is very neat. Anyone who is looking for solitude and peace will appreciate the environment.

  • A view of the spectacular Yarada beach near Vizag town in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.One of the lesser known beaches of Vizag so this is not as crowded as the other popular beaches of Vizag.

    While enjoying the scenic beauty of this location, tourist can also try out the snacks sold by the local people.

    Even under normal conditions swimming is not advisable because of strong sea currents, underwater rocks and big waves. The start government is taking initiative to educate people about the risky conditions in the beach for the security of the tourists.

  • It is around 10-12 kms. away from the city.

    The access to Yarada Beach is limited from Vizag. There are buses run by the state transport, but the number of buses plying are limited. It is best to hire a vehicle to visit Yarada Beach.

Places around Yarada Beach

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